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Gas Based Fire Suppression System

Clean agent Gas fire suppression system uses inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish fire.

Some of the benefits of using this type of fire suppression include:

Employee Protection: Since this agent can be used in both rooms that are occupied and those that are not, it’s a full-service system that can quickly extinguish fires and protect your valuable human resources.

Quick Response: Not only will clean agents quickly extinguish a fire, they can also minimize the amount of damaging smoke and soot that occurs as a by product of the fire.

Minimal Damage: You won’t need to worry about damage from traditional fire extinguisher liquids that can leave behind a greasy residue or water — which is incredibly damaging to electronics. Your business will be back up and running much more quickly with a clean agent fire protection system.

Green Solution: Clean agents are environmentally friendly, safe for the environment and will not deplete ozone from the earth.
At R Square Solutions we make sure that we make your environment safe so that you can freely work as safety is our motto. Our fire Protection teams are professionally trained and certified to accurately place clean agent fire protection systems in a way that ensures the safety of your workplace and limit the damage to sensitive electronic equipment and danger to staff.

Fire Gas System FM200

Clean gas is stored in a liquid state under high pressure, which immediately turns into gas when discharged clean agent fire suppression systems were developed that contained gases like carbon dioxide. The chemicals or gases used in these fire systems can smother the fires without damaging valuable equipment like electronic components, servers, PCs etc. These fire suppression systems are sophisticated and require better upkeep. When released the FM200 chemical agent has a chemical reaction with the fire and extinguishes it. This type of system is best suited to data rooms, switch rooms or communication rooms.

Kitchen Fire Suppression

This system is specifically designed for commercial kitchens. Nozzles are placed under the cooker canopies and will propel a water-based agent with a chemical foam type mix over the risk. The trigger is usually a heat link or manual pull switch. A Kitchen Fire Suppression is an essential investment to insure your business against the threat of fire.
R Square Solutions provides customized kitchen suppression installation and on-going service and maintenance.

Water Mist System

A water mist system is a fire protection system which uses very fine water sprays (i.e. water mist). The small water droplets allow the water mist to control, suppress or extinguish fires by:
 – Cooling both the flame and surrounding gases by evaporation
 – Displacing oxygen by evaporation
 – Attenuating radiant heat by the small droplets themselves

R Square Solutions water mist system is a unique fire fighting system. By forcing water at a high pressure through nozzles, an extremely fine mist is created.
The fine water mist generated is designed to extinguish fires, or limit fire growth at an early stage, depending on the asset to be protected. Our water mist equipments can help provide effective cooling and fire control on solid, deep-seated fires such as furniture, paper and cables (Class A).
On fires such as lubricants or fuels (Class B) or cooking oils (Class F) We can provide assistance with extinguishment and prevention of re-ignition. We can help cool the surrounding area, limiting the spread of fire. Our system benefits include a reduction of up to five times in the water required (when compared to standard sprinkler systems), while providing a superior control on applicable Class A, B and F fires.

Foam Deluge System

A deluge fire sprinkler system is similar to a pre-action system except the sprinkler heads are open and the pipe is not pressurized with air. Deluge systems are used in places that are considered high hazard areas such as power plants, aircraft hangars and chemical storage or processing facilities.
R Square Solutions provides solutions for foam/chemical fire suppression systems. This type of fire sprinkler system controls burning flammable liquids and natural gas using a mixture of foam and water. The foam-water mixture cools the fuel surface significantly. It also forms a blanket that prevents oxygen from getting to the fire and suppresses the release of flammable vapours that could ignite in the air. We design, install and inspect foam/chemical fire suppression systems for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, from LNG storage/manufacturing facilities, refineries and warehouses to aircraft hangars, marine facilities and jet engine test facilities. We are trained and certified in Fire Sprinkler Systems in Maharashtra, contact us or request a quote.

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